BTEC 2015 Annual Meeting

June 2, 2015 to June 4, 2015
Rochester Mayo Clinic


Evolving Evidence on Tumor and Germline Genetic Classification of Gliomas: Implications for Etiology and Survival Studies


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Our Keynote Speakers for this meeting include:

Roel Verhaak (MD Anderson): Dr. Verhaak’s research focusses on analysis of cancer genomics data to improve our understanding of cancer biology. He employs computational methods to analyze very large (Tb sized) data sets from DNA and RNA sequencing, genome wide copy number and expression profiling to learn what determines tumor progression, particularly in TCGA glioma datasets.

Robert Jenkins (Mayo Clinic): Dr. Jenkins’ research has focuses on cancer genetics, particularly elucidation of the genetic events important for cancer initiation and progression. His primary interest is in the tumor and constitutive genetics of gliomas and impacts on clinical translation. Dr. Jenkins will speak on the five tumor genetic subtypes of glioma that each have unique genetic risk factor profiles and individually distinct prognosis. This new classification of glioma has transformative implications for prognosis, etiology, and pathobiology of the disease.

Michael Oldham (UCSF): Dr. Oldham investigates cellular heterogeneity, functional diversity, and disease susceptibility in discrete human brain regions; to understand how cellular heterogeneity arises during human brain development; and to establish novel quantitative frameworks for studying the molecular and cellular evolution of the human brain and its pathologies. Dr. Oldham will explain the general principles of gene coexpression analysis in the human brain and the application of these principles to the study of low grade glioma.

Gloria Peterson (Mayo Clinic): Dr. Peterson will speak on her group’s approach to gene discoveries in an equally lethal cancer so that we can draw parallels to our work in BTEC, and some of the ethical groundbreaking work her group is doing on return of research genomic results to deceased participant’s families.