Welcome to one of the most precious, protected places in the world. A visit here offers the chance to experience the spectacular Canadian Rocky Mountains and glacier-fed lakes, wildlife at its wildest and small-town charm that only Banff can offer. Start planning your trip today.


Shuttle from Calgary Airport to Banff: Shuttles are available you can book ahead http://www.banffairporter.com/

Arts and Culture
Banff has a thriving arts and culture scene. There are a number of museums and art galleries to explore, not to mention concert venues at The Banff Centre. If you’re a busker, you can find out how to get a street performing permit to show your talents to the world.

There are so many attractions in Banff you won't be able to visit them all in one day. From the Banff Gondola to the hot springs to lake cruises, there’s so much to do in our little town. You can also visit some of the country’s national historic sites while you’re here.

Get Directions
How far away are you? It doesn't matter. Whether you’re coming from Calgary or Tokyo, we’ll help you find your way here.

Historic Banff
We’re proud of our history and heritage in the Town of Banff. Take a trip off the beaten path and learn a little bit about the founders of this community, and walk by some of the historic homes and places that still exist in town.

Walkable Community
You can walk to almost everything in Banff. The town is just 3.94 sq. kilometres, so most things are within a 10 minute walk. For everything further away, there's public transit. Find out more about Getting Around in Banff.

The weather in Banff can be unpredictable. Make sure you know if you need shorts or snow pants (or both) for your trip.